Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring and Creativity Run Rampant ...

There's something so primal and invigorating about seeing crocus bursting into bloom, leaf buds ready to burst with life on bare branches, spring green grass appearing as the snow melts away. And, of course, we, too, participate in this surge of energy, growth.

Jewelry projects I've had on a back shelf are being pulled out and finished ... finally. New ideas are crowding in so fast, I can't get one sketched before another 5 blossom. I love this flood of energy!

Here are a couple of new things I've added to my Etsy store at

I love the nubby handmade, hand-colored yarn made by Juaquetta Holcomb in Newman Lake, WA. I met her at an art fair here in Spokane, and she had short lengths of yarn for sale. I don't come anywhere close to using a whole skein of yarn in my brooches, so I was ecstatic at being able to get some of this yummy stuff without forking over a bundle for a whole skein.  Her website is and she also has a shop on Etsy with her local mohair and sheep yarns. You'll love her yarns, too!

Computers oftentimes confuse me. The No.6 glass beads in the brooch are a pearlized PINK, but on my computer they look orange; perplexing because all of the other colors in the brooch seem to be true representation. So, why just those beads??? Hmmm, maybe the pearlized surface?

As for these lime and lavender faux beach glass earrings, I first made them a different way. They looked nice, but I could not force myself to put them up on Etsy. There was something "not right" about them. After about a week or so, I redid the lavender earring and took off a sterling silver swirl that I had on the lime green dangle. They are now more contemporary, simplified with no distracting gimmicks. I guess, that's what bothered me before, I wouldn't have worn them they way they were before I redesigned them. I would wear these!