Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Flurry ...

I'm not referring to a snow flurry, but life flurries. Here it is the 4th of February--already!--and I should be selling jewelry for people to gift to others as tokens of their love and affection. I feel like I'm operating in slow motion, while bombarded by flurries of life challenges, family challenges, and my children's challenges!

Take a deep breath, right? Get a grip! Things are going to happen whether I'm cool-headed or I'm a hysterical crazy woman, so am trying to maintain a sense of calm. Life happens.

I also happened to finish the custom necklace a customer commissioned me to create to match a pair of earrings she had previously purchased from Birch Bay Kay and gifted to her sister at Christmas. I'm now waiting to learn if she likes the bauble, or if she would prefer I design and make another to better suit her aesthetic. Wish me luck!

Here are the earrings and the necklace:

Well, time to get back into the maelstrom. I have to laugh. When I step back from my perceived dilemmas, the in-my-face drama lessens and I recognize everyone else's problems are not MY problems. I need this detachment in order to more effectively and calmly assist or counsel family members.

AND make jewelry!

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