Sunday, August 28, 2011

To the post office!

One might think that shipping would be the least fun of the tasks I have to do in this jewelry biz o'mine. Think again!

I absolutely love typing and printing out the mailing label, printing a little photo card for a personal, handwritten note to accompany the purchased bauble, making sure the jewelry is polished and looking its best for the man or woman it will soon be adorning, folding everything neatly in tissue or bubble wrap, filling out the insurance form for the post office. I even like to use my glue stick to affix the label to the mailing box, and securing taping the box closed.

All the time I'm preparing the shipment, I'm thinking of the person who purchased one of my creations. I know they'll be thrilled when they get the package. The jewelry will look so much better "in person" than it did in the photograph online. I can envision them immediately going to their closest mirror and trying on the earrings, neckpiece, brooch or bracelet. I can see them doing a little sashay of happiness.

I envision them at their next book club gathering and someone admiring their adornment. "Oh, these? Aren't they FAB? I bought them online at Etsy. They were made by Birch Bay Kay. I simply could NOT resist buying them for myself!"

As I stand in line at the post office tomorrow morning, I'll be soooo happy! Another satisfied client, another validation that my work has value, another peek at my Paypal balance when I get back home!

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