Saturday, September 3, 2011

A rosey posey "in the moment" reminder

I’ve been driving myself a little bonkers lately. You know how stress gets to your noggin, and before you know it, you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off. (Oh, dear! What a grisly image!)

This morning I found myself scratching around at my workbench, not really working on anything, just fussing. This is not a productive activity, and with the holidays coming quickly upon us, I need to focus on creating jewelry.

I begrudgingly glanced up from my mess and my eyes fell upon a little glass vase with a couple of tiny tea roses I had plucked from Mel’s garden out back. They are small, I have been distracted, I forgot I had placed them there to enjoy.

I stopped what I wasn’t doing, picked up the diminutive vase. I hopefully sniffed, and YES! It had the most delicate, beautiful fragrance. I hadn’t smelled it earlier, because the roses are so small, their aroma so faint, and my workbench is 6 feet from the cat’s box.

Now, I know these little roses aren’t here to brighten my day. They aren’t weighed down with purpose, productivity. They just exist… no stress, no mind fighting, no recriminations because they aren’t bigger, better, rosier.

But, I thank the powers that be for creating these little roses, that smell so sweetly, that enable me to clear my thoughts, realign with nature … get my shit together.

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