Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nature Inspiration ...

My sister has a Chinese Lantern tree in the backyard and she brought in a couple of the pods for me to see. I love them! I've put a little brass wire through them and they're hanging on my earring stand to continue to inspire me.

Chinese Lantern Pods
I've looked at them now for about a month and decided to sketch out something on copper and see if I can make little copper Chinese Lanterns. This will be FUN!

I've been reading about coloring copper and want to experiment with this, too. Hmmm, do I color after I saw out the shape, but before I shape the pod? Or do I saw, shape and then color?

I'll let you know how it goes ... or better yet, if you've done this process already, send me an email with your recommendation! Yeah! That's a great idea!

Here we go ...

Ready to saw out the design

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  1. I did some bronze patina once by spraying it with something (can't remember what though now) ... wrapping it in burlap and burying it in sawdust for 3 weeks. :o] It came out looking like it had been deep in the ocean for a long time. I also know there is a fume thing that can happen with ammonia in a chamber or under glass. :o] I thought the patinas were the fun part of doing cast metal. I have a bunch of cold, liquid patinas that can be put on different kinds of metals. it is all chemistry ... all experimentation. I just love that unknown factor of surprise. :o] I really loved the whole idea of patinas when I was doing bronze. My instructor was a master and very well known for his patina techniques and chemical business for cold patinas. He even wrote the text book that most foundries use to teach the techniques in colleges and universities. His name is Ron Young. :o] I'm sure you will have lots of fun experimenting with the copper! Good luck!!!! Hugs, Karen