Friday, December 2, 2011

WHAT season 'tis it ...

'Tis the season for gift buying and gift giving! Here I am scurrying back and forth from workbench to the post office. It's WONDERFUL!

I love the energy generated and focused into new creations. It imbues my days and nights with a bit of an edge, to provide a product but to also maintain the integrity of originality and design. It's sometimes a difficult line to hold to when along with "Jingle Bells" I also hear "Hurry Up! Hurry Up!"

Of course, if I had followed up on my inner critic's urgings to "hurry up" earlier, I might not be in this pressure cooker. Nonetheless, I'm a happy artisan!

Recycled Brass Shapes
and  natural Rhyolite beads

Amber, a yellow Jasper
and hand cut Sterling calligraphy
"Long Life"

I finished a couple of pairs of earrings that include copper from my patina experimentation. I haven't yet finished the ones that were the original impetus for the project, based on the Chinese Lanterns. I still have those dried pods hanging on a rack on my workbench. I love their simple, natural presence.

The bright blue patina is the result
of exposure to Ammonia

The attractive green patina resulted
from exposure to being buried in tobacco
and salt and vinegar

I'll try to maintain this blog a little more religiously! New Year's resolution!

You can check out my Etsy store for new baubles that have been added. Check out the "Solds" too, so you can see new items that have already moved out of the "Active" queue.

I'm also have a Birch Bay Kay Page on Facebook.

Enjoy the magic of the days leading up to Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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