Friday, December 2, 2011

You call it fibre, I call it fiber ...

Same-o Same-o

Working with fibers is so tactile, I love the feel of the different weights and consistencies. One might think that threads are limp and ready to go wherever you want to wrap or coil them. Au contrare! I have started many a brooch or neckpiece with fibers and let me tell you, they have a will of their own. When I thought I would turn the design one way, the fibers resist and insist that another direction is to be taken. When I thought a section of the design would be smooth and sophisticated, oh no! The piece wanted to be roughly woven or knots included.

As with life, one goes with the flow!

I've usually made brooches with my fiber-wrapped designs. But lately, I've wanted to expand beyond my self-imposed boundary, to make some lariat style neckpieces, or cuffs.

Several of my customers have urged me to make fiber-wrapped pendants. In this regard, I have started adding jump rings to the pinbacks, so the wearer can alternate between wearing the adornment as a brooch or as a pendant.

Here is the latest of the fiber-wrapped lariats:

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