Sunday, January 8, 2012

Missing an opportunity ...

Since launching my West As the Crow Flies store online at Etsy, I've expanded the inventory from cabochons, polished stones, sterling silver findings and vintage collectibles to include specialty fiber bundles.

I use so little of a variety of fibers in my fiber-wrapped brooches and the like, but I always have to buy an entire--costly--skein for just a yard or three. I know there must be fiber artists "out there" just like me who would love to use these novelty threads but not have to spend an arm and a leg to use them. One skein I remember cost me about $28 for the skein, and it was well-worth the expense, but there I am with almost the whole skein.

So, I've included bundles of 6-7 different fibers in each bundle, each selection 4 yds in length for a total of 24-28 yards per bundle.

I realized I was missing an opportunity whence selling those fiber bundles! The fiber bundles cost under $5 each, and yet the fiber-wrapped brooches sell for $25 and up. Why not include sample photographs with the specialty yarn bundles showing how I use the fibers being sold?! Then cross reference to the Etsy store where they can be purchased ...  Indeed!

It's all a learning process. I think I'm a little slower than others, but I'm learning!

So, here are a few of the fiber sample photographs I'll include:

A brooch

A brooch

A brooch

A lariat neckpiece

A brooch

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