Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Endings ...

Several months ago I made a pair of sterling and garnet dangle earrings for my sister in appreciation for a favor she did for me. (I love barter)

On only the second or third time she wore them she came home from the restaurant and realized she was missing one. She went back to the restaurant the next day, but nothing had been found.

Today she went back to Thai Bamboo, just on the slim chance the earring showed up. Lo and behold! It was her luck day! The earring is back in her possession and we're BOTH happy about it!

Just a reminder that those pesky little plastic earring plugs DO work, and can save you the heartbreak of a lost earring.  You can push them up behind your ear, out of sight; a great precaution!

I hate to see anyone lose an earring, but I have to admit I LOVE being asked to create something mismatched to match the remaining earring. Just ask me!

A separate example:
The earring on the left lost its mate. I played on
the calligraphy aesthetic with vintage amber and came up
with the mismatched match on the right.
Happy customer!

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