Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lost for awhile, but have found my way back ...

No photos today, as I'm seated before a computer with nary a photo. Need to get this new computer geared up and ready to rock and roll.

Which about sums up my jewelry endeavors. I've been so wrapped up with my online vintage shop, that I've neglected my jewelry making. Darn it! I MISS it! So, I'm getting geared up to dive back into the creative waters of working with metal.

"Yay!"I can hear some of you yell. Yes, I'll soon have metal earrings for milady's pleasure!

In fact, I've been reading about metal etching and have some designs for copper and steel baubles. At least I'll have fun trying something new and exciting to get back into the groove!

Thanks, all, for your patience. It's been a while ... too long a while, indeed.

Up, Up and Away!!!!!

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