Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The downside of making jewelry ...

There's a downside to making jewelry? How can this be?

Well, let me tell ya!

I shipped off four pairs of earrings to a very nice lady in Florida yesterday. Hooray! BUT, two of the pairs were among my own personal all-time favorites and I'll never see them again. The lady is a stranger to me so we won't travel in the same social circles where I might chance seeing the earrings, and she lives on the other side of the US of A.

Oh, I hear you. Just make another pair for myself, right? Wrong! Some of the components aren't accessible to make the same earrings. And I'm not a precise maker of jewelry and I don't do production pieces. Each pair of my earrings is unique, so even if I start out trying to make the same earring design, they end up different. Different isn't bad. I'm just not precise enough to replicate EXACTLY what I've created before.

I do console my loss by thinking of all those women out there sashaying around wearing my earrings and that is an upside to making jewelry.

All is balance.

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  1. I totally get it. I always feel better if a friend buys something, cause then my children aren't lost.